donderdag 23 juli 2009

Mooi stuk over evolutie

Nog een reactie op een stuk op internet, dit keer een mooi stuk van mercatornet over de theorie van Darwin in de nieuwe biologie
Dear Authors,

Thank you for the insightful article. I think the concept of information clearly points out the weak spot in the Darwinian theory - can 'random mutation' really generate new information in a sufficiently efficient manner?

But I think new biological insights are also making clear that genetic determinism has other drawbacks. The emerging paradigm of 'systems biology' shows that the causal chain from genes -> epigenetics -> proteins -> cells -> tissues -> organs -> organism - is not one-way traffic. Actually, there is feed-back at all these levels, which makes the information flows within an organism way more complicated. The organism does 'read' the genetic code as an instruction manual, but to do so it needs a very complicated machinery, which is regulated at many levels.

I think we are just starting to understand this complexity. But we can say that Darwinian evolution does not suffice to understand it.

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