donderdag 2 oktober 2014

Why mankind has a special kind of 'being'

This week I have been at the conference 'Spirits in Time' by the Leonardo Polo Institute in Madrid. It has been very inspiring to meet people who have been working with this philosopher for a long time, and a considerable group of people who want to know more about him. 

It was also good to see the wide range of applications Polo has. I was in a more science-oriented session, but there were other sessions on anthropology and on social science. 

The institute has recently published two books introducing Polo's thought to an English-speaking audience. One is a short biography with an overview of Polo's thought, but I think the more interesting is a short book by Polo titled 'Why a Transcendental Anthropology?'. It also contains an introduction to Polo's thought (with much overlap from the first book), but then continues with Polo's own explanation of his proposal. 

Polo's method called the 'abandonment of the mental limit' requires some explanation, but he uses it to show that a human being has a special kind of 'being', the personal 'being'. This is additional to the 'being' that was studied traditionally in metaphysics, he calls it co-existence. This concept expands upon traditional philosophy, taking into account the problems raised by modern philosophy, but correcting modernity at the same time.

If you are interested in this introductory work, please have a look here:

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